Ever since Canada officially recognized February as Black History Month, the event has picked up momentum across the country and is becoming a nationwide tradition. This year, we celebrate and acknowledge the impressive work Black Canadians are achieving on multiple levels, from culture, business to politics.

To honor Black History Month, I wanted to present the experiences black female entrepreneurs’ go through when they set up a business. …

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I miss celebrating Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant and the opera. As a couple and parents, we always include our only child when planning something for V Day because he’s the product of our love. This year is not an exception, even though the pandemic is wearing us down. We want to have some fun in an intimate indoor picnic fun instead of going out.

Why an indoor picnic

We live in Canada, and February is one of the coldest months of the year. It’s unlikely that we can enjoy a picnic when the windchill can make it uncomfortable to be outside. And…

Though none of the lines rhyme, for a working mom, it is the absolute poetry of daily life during the pandemic lockdown. And while some corporate and business experts paint an idyllic portrait of working-from-home, most working moms are fed up with this present form of enslavement. We are waking up earlier and sleeping later only to make more time for the compounding errands. Women no longer spend “working hours” juggling corporate or business responsibilities. Oh no, they have to take it a step further. With everyone at home, family members want you to do something for them.

There’s an…

How often do you buy or replace your sunglasses? While you might be in the habit of donning sunnies as trendy accessories, it’s more important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Researchers say that if you have been wearing the same set of glasses for a while, the UV protection may be fading. Consequently, frequent exposures to UVA and UVB rays can cause discomfort, light sensitivity, and deformity.

“Your eyes are windows to your soul but make sure they are UV protected.”

Elle Muse

Protecting your eyesight is far from being an act of vanity. If you over 40…

I am a compulsive hiker! For over 11 years, not a week passes without taking the opportunity to venture into the woods regardless of how hot or cold it is — as long as it’s not raining. At least twice a week, you’ll find me on the trailers climbing hills and traversing short streams. And the best seasons to do so in Canada are fall and winter. However, unlike fall, hiking in winter can be challenging and requires preparation.

Until we moved into our suburban house, which backs onto a conservation area, I thought hiking was for hippies. It wasn’t…

Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.


Valentine’s Day will be different this year, notably for people who like celebrating outside their homes. Those who fancy a romantic date at a restaurant, theatre, or even a vacation destination might wonder how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home in 2021. Although we are limited to where we can go out, we learned in 2020 how to create fun ideas to enjoy festivities while staying at home.

To set the mood, I’m going all out with the home ambiance and treats. Just like Christmas, I plan to bring some…

I woke up this morning and realized, hey, it’s the last week of 2020. Wow, it flew by so swiftly, even though there were many stale moments, hours, days, and weeks. I contemplated writing about the midlife crisis and did not know where to start. This topic has so many angles and debates that I couldn’t wrap my head around it. However, since we have encountered a critical turning point in 2020, a crisis, many women (and men) began questioning and re-evaluating their perspective on life. And especially women approaching midlife; we are examining the future more so than ever…

Over a month ago, I spotted an “Amazon choice” Retinol face cream while placing an order for the Pure NuDerma gadget. The cream caught my attention for several reasons: it has high ratings of 4.4 out of 5; it is organic; Made in Canada, it contains a recommended concentration of Retinol; and it is cruelty-free. These are convincing reasons for me to add it to the cart and place the order. I had been contemplating adding Retinol (Vitamin A) to my skin routine to help reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage. The spots started to appear…

According to recent reports, most of us could still wear protective face masks in 2021, even once the vaccine is ready. Although pharma companies and some governments started distributing the vaccine, chances are it won’t be available for everyone. This is largely because it will take some time before the COVID-19 vaccine will roll out. Therefore, life with masks may resume for another 12 months, and I believe we will have a range of products to make wearing masks easier and more practical.

The most frequently asked questions are:

  • What to look for in face masks?
  • Where to find the best face masks?
  • What are the…
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Does menopause cause urinary incontinence?

I’m one of those people who would rather hold in the urge to urinate for as long as it’s humanly possible than miss a working moment. It’s such ridiculous behavior for a mature woman, my mom would say. My husband always reminds me to go to the bathroom before I pee myself. Guess what? This horrific accident started to happen in recent months, and I feel like I’m losing this “superpower.” It’s so embarrassing when it happens. There are times when I can successfully make it to the toilet without leaking a drop, but there have been moments where I…

Reena Ceschia

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